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Frederick Ponzlov with his cast of Talking With...

Frederick Ponzlov with his cast of Talking With…

In the thirties in New York City an exciting theatre company emerged after having experienced the Moscow Art Theatre’s visit in the late 20’s. The historic Group Theatre, as it had become to be known, spawned some of the greatest writers, directors and actors of its time. In addition, arguably the three greatest acting teachers developed their technique while in this company. These techniques are still the basis for American Acting, and eventually came to be known at The Method. One of the greatest teachers of that group was Sanford Meisner who after the company disbanded created one of the finest, if not the finest acting school in New York City, the Neighborhood Playhouse. This school since the late thirties, has produced some of the greatest actors of our time and whose illustrious teaching staff included Martha Graham, Pearl Lang and Willam Esper.

What’s the Technique

Sanford Meisner believed that the key to truthful acting was in shifting the actor’s consciousness off of himself and on to the actor with whom he is interacting. Through a series of very specific exercises, not unlike playing scales while learning the piano, this shift is accomplished, freeing the actor to act from his instinctual nature. This freedom produces a true honest emotional life that becomes electric on the stage.


Students in classStudents in classStudents in classStudents in class

Beginning Technique

An eight week course designed as an introduction to Acting Technique. Open to all levels of development. Designed for students who want to pursue a career in acting as well of those who want to discover more about themselves and become more confident in their interactions within their respective careers.

Intermediate Acting

A course designed for introduction into scene work and monologues using acting technique. Course involves implementing playing an action, basic objectives,the selection of choice based on character development.

Advanced Acting

Course takes on more challenging work, including Anton Chechov, Henrik Ibsen,and William Shakespeare.

Acting for Screenwriters

A course specifically designed for writers enabling them how to learn how to write for actors. Focusing on the specific task of writing behavior into scripts, understanding subtext, and character development.

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