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The L.A. Times writes:

Director Fred Ponzlov, who guided the recently closed “The Cherry Orchard” at the New

The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard

Community Theatre of Irvine, says he is in love with the play. He worked in a production of it at Milwaukee Rep years ago and says he has seen or worked on a couple of hundred stagings. “The play is bottomless,” Ponzlov says. “It’s about people going through incredible changes. It sort of ties in to the coming millennium. Change is coming, and either people go with it or they can’t.” Indeed, the timelessness of Chekhov appeals to all these artists. His philosophies, so pertinent 100 years ago, still resonate at the end of this century.

The Tennessee Williams’ play, Orpheus Descending, was directed by Fred Ponzlov in March 2006. It is the tale of a wild-spirited young man with a guitar “who wanders into a conventional community of the South and creates the commotion of a fox in a chicken coop,… “ and “…unanswered questions that haunt the hearts of people.” wrote Tennessee Williams in the late 1950s.

Orpheus Descending

Orpheus Descending

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