Acting for Screenwriters

What a concept!

Great dialogue comes out of behavior!

An eight week course designed to aid writers in creating roles that will attract name actors and make you immeasurably more confident in selling your writing.  By experiencing first hand the nature of acting, you will learn to create more powerful dialogue by perceiving the types of behavior that underlie your character’s words.

You will be working hands on with actors. Through a series of very specific exercises you will be able access your instinct and create characters that are complex, truthful and riveting: the kind of characters that actors demand to play.  And what’s more you can have fun in the process!

 The Technique

Sanford Meisner, founding member of the Group Theatre, developed a technique of acting that was based on actor’s ability to reach into their inner lives to create characters that embodied emotional truth.  He founded the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and dedicated his life to teaching the craft of acting. He is widely regarded as one of the foremost acting teachers of his time.

 The Teacher

Frederick Ponzlov, screenwriter of “Undertaking Betty”  starring Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina and Naomi Watts, has taught acting for the past twenty-five years.  A graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse of New York, he has taught acting at the University of Wisconsin, privately in New York and presently in Los Angeles. Mr. Ponzlov, an actor himself, has adapted the Meisner technique of acting specifically for writers.

 The Class

Limited to six students, the class will take place in an atmosphere where writers will be free to unselfconsciously experience the acting process. The cost is $295

For More Information

Contact Fred Ponzlov by email at .  Or here.

Acting For Writers – you just might surprise yourself

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